Lowcountry Local First - Block Party / Photo by Adam Chandler Photography

Lowcountry Local First - Block Party / Photo by Adam Chandler Photography

Dan A. Perrin

Owner / Craftsman

Born in Charleston, Dan Perrin developed an understanding and appreciation for the lowcountry and the environment at a young age.  Woodworking has always been a passion of Dan's and in 1999, Perrin started the cabinetry business Perrin Woodworking from his home garage.  Dan started the company with the desire to offer residents of the lowcountry uncompromised quality and design.  Growing up in the lowcountry, it is no surprise that Dan is a man of the water.  As a self-taught sailor, Dan was raised with a strong passion for the water.  "Sailing is much like woodworking. Both deal with the elements, and it is our responsibility to respect those elements while working with them."  Today, Perrin expands on his original concept of building residential cabinetry to now include fine custom furniture and commercial interiors.  Perrin continues to develop his craft, experimenting with new building techniques and materials, and is always looking for the next challenge to push his craft to new heights.  Perrin's work can be found throughout the lowcountry including: Charleston, Charlotte. Columbia, Augusta, and Atlanta. 


Katherine J. Perrin

Owner / Bossman

Working in her father & grandfather’s wood shop at a young age and influenced by their passion for furniture making, Katy grew up with a strong appreciation for woodworking, art, and a desire to express herself through a mixed media of installation and photography.  At the age of eighteen, Katy traveled to Australia for what she thought was a last ditch effort to “figure out her purpose in life” and what ended up a three month photography excursion from Brisbane to the Whitsunday Islands.  Once grounded back in “the real world” Katy commenced to enhance her knowledge of the arts at Augusta State University.  At age twenty, the call of the ocean summoned her, and Katy moved to Charleston to teach sailing, quickly falling in love with the beauty and wander of the lowcountry. Today, Katy works alongside her husband as co-owner of Perrin Woodworking.  “Nature has always fascinated me and I love taking items from the outdoors and creating pieces than can be enjoyed by others.” Katy & Dan can often be found working together (but separately) in the shop or more often enjoying a “cold one” on the water!

Johnny White


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