In Production: O-Ku (Atlanta) - Sushi Bar / by Perrin Woodworking

The scope of a project is always a fun and exhilerating journey. Especially when working with such talented atchitects, builders, designers, and wood purveyors. We obtained this piece of Bubinga from our dear friend and wood monger Bill Watt of Carolina Lumber Sourcing. It was love at first sight and we knew we needed to create something very special and unique with this piece. Let the brainstorming begin! Table designs started flying - "What if we did this..", "Or, maybe like this.."

A few weeks later, we were asked to be involved in a short clip as part of a Lowcountry Local First "Buy Local" television campaign. During the shoot, Dan and David (David Thompson Architects) were able to conduct an impromptu meeting to discuss the design for the sushi bar at the new O-Ku in Atlanta. And there it was, in all it's marvel - the Bubinga! There was only one thing left to do - mill it, join it, sand it, strap it to the roof of the van, drive it to Atlanta, install it, and finish it.

Needless to say, the collaboration and design that derived from that impromptu meeting is priceless. And the end result is amazingly beautiful!

Stay tuned for more pics from Team Perrin at O-Ku Atlanta!